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In vivid and fast-paced prose, Wilder brings

to life this legendary period.
Governor Jerry Brown

Writes with verve and grace.

Michael Krasny, Broadcaster, Author,


Contains multitudes.
Michael Blecker, Swords to Plowshares

Traveled in all the intertwining circles

that mattered.
Mercilee Jenkins, Playwright, Professor

Carol Wilder is a hell of an original.

Take this rollicking ride up from the sidewalk

through the front door.
William Talen -  “Rev. Billy”

The stories in this book warm my hear

remembering that there is so much good

that confronted so much evil.
Keith Mather - “The Presidio 27”

Charged with Mutiny, 1968

Living Northern California 1975-1995 Carol Wilder
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