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Film & Video

This video has been deleted.

Media Studies 40 th Anniversary Presentation. 2015. Producer.

Hanoi Media Lab Overview

Long Bien Story - HANU Media Lab

Floating Future - HANU Media Lab

Political Advertising 2012 - PDF

Political Advertising 2012 - Video

Panel and article “Political Advertisement1952-2012,” with Antoni Mutandas and Marshall Reese, The New School, January 2013.

Hanoi Media Lab. John Coogan producer. 2011.

In Honor of Gregory Bateson

Video. 28 minutes. Producer, editor. 2009, 2005. Multiple Versions of the World: Gregory Bateson at 100. 6-volume DVD set, 2005. Editor. Producer Nora Bateson.

New School Citings

Video. 8:00 minutes, 2004. Researcher, Editor.


Puttin' On The Dog

16mm film. 9:45 minutes, 2002. Writer, Director, Editor. Selected for the permanent collection of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. (2016) Screened at The New School Film Show, Bar Harbor Film Festival, Woods Hole Film Festival, National Arts Club, International Dog Film Festival (2005)

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