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Emeritus Professor & Dean Media Studies & Film, The New School for Social Research, 2020+

Emeritus Professor Communication Studies San Francisco State University, 1995+




          Ph.D. Rhetoric & Communication

                   Kent State University (1974)

                   Dissertation: The Rhetoric of Social Movements

          M.A. Speech and Theatre

                   Miami University (1966)

          B.S. English

                   Miami University (1965)


Administrative and Research Appointments


The New School for Social Research

2016-2018    Dean, School of Media Studies

1995-2007    Associate Division Dean

1995-2007    Chair, Department of Media Studies and Film

San Francisco State University

          1993-1995    Chair, Department of Communication Studies

          1986-1990    Director of the Basic Course (2000 students)

          1986-1990    Associate Chair, Department of Communication Studies

          1978-1980    Graduate Program Coordinator

Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto

          1979-1985    Research Associate

University of London/Emerson College

          1976-July     Intercultural Communication Seminar Leader

Emerson College

          1975-1976    Acting Director of Graduate Studies


Faculty Appointments


The New School for Social Research

          1995-2020 Professor of Media Studies & Film (various ranks)

Hanoi University

          2007-2008 Fulbright Senior Scholar & University Professor

          Jan/Feb 2011 Fulbright Senior Specialist

San Francisco State University

          1976-1995 Professor of Communication Studies (various ranks)

Emerson College, Boston

          1975-1976 Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Oberlin College

          1972-1974 Lecturer in Women’s Studies

          1973-1974 Instructor of Communication Studies

Courses Taught


          Foundations of Media Theory

          Communication Theory

          Foundations of Oral Communication

          Communication and Social Process

          Media Education Lab

          Methods of Media Analysis

          Viet Nam: Rhetoric and Realities

          War Stories in Photography, Film and Literature

          Political Media and Communication

          Media Ethics

          Documentary Film Lab

          Thesis Tutorial




          Living Northern California 1975-1995. WTW Media, 2023.


          Crossing the Street in Hanoi: Teaching and Learning about Viet Nam.

Intellect/University of Chicago Press, 2014.


          Rigor & Imagination: Essays from the Legacy of Gregory Bateson. With John H. Weakland. Praeger, 1982.



Selected Papers


“How Long is a Football Field? The Kent State Shootings Reconsidered.”

Public Seminar. May 2020.

"Film and the New School: Passionate Provocateurs." (with Peter Haratonik). New School Histories, Spring 2019.

"Probing for Meaning in the Media: Gaslighting, Data Overload, and Propaganda 2.0." Public Seminar, October 2018.

"Memory and Kent State: The Past is Always Present." Kent State University Centennial Award Lecture, Kent, Ohio October 2017. Published in Public Seminar, 2017.

"What Would Bateson Say? Ecology of Mind in Feminist Art: Mierle Laderman Ukeles," Paper presented at the College Art Association, New York, February 2017.

"Perpetual War/Provisional Thoughts," Paper presented at the annual meeting of Veterans for Peace, San Diego, CA, August 2015.

"Vanished Art: The Lost Legacy of Occupy New School," in Offense and Dissent: Image, Conflict and Belonging at The New School, Kellen Gallery, Parsons School of Design, August 2015.

"Remembering Gregory Bateson," (2014) Kybernetes, Fall 2014.

"The Great Media Bailout," (2012), A. Muntadas and M. Reese, eds. Political Advertisement VIII: 1952-2012, 1-3.

"Americans Don't Trust the Press," (2012) in Aydogan Vatandas, ed. Reporting

from the Bridge. New York: Blue Dome Press, 2012, 33-39. "Separated at Birth: Argument by Irony in Hearts and Minds and Fahrenheit 9/11." Atlantic Journal of Communication. Summer 2005, 13, 56-72.

"Scholarly Observations and Meditations: Perspectives on September 11, 2001 (with others). New Jersey Journal of Communication. 10:1. Spring 2002, 2-16.

"Media Elision." Immediacy, an online journal. 2001.

"The Rhetorical Roller Coaster to War: San Francisco Chronicle Headlines 8/2/1990-1/15/1991." (first author; with Adam Colby). Magazine. Fall 1992. 11:2, 110-120.

"Muddles and Metaphors: A Response to Keeney and Sprenkle." Family Process, December 1982, 397-400.

"Postdoctoral Opportunities for Communication Professionals." Association for Communication Administration. January 1980, 39-43. (First author; with M.L. Merriam).

"The Palo Alto Group: Difficulties and Directions of the Interactional View for Human Communication Research." State of the Art Review, Human Communication Research. Winter 1979, 174-194.

"From the Interactional View: A Conversation with Paul Watzlawick." Journal of Communication. Fall 1978, 35-45.

"A Conversation with Colin Cherry." Human Communication Research. Summer 1977, 354-362.

"Teaching Communication Process Modeling." Communication Education. January 1977, 72-74.

Book Chapters and Reviews

"A Conversation about the Beginnings," (with others). In Wendel Ray, ed. Evolving Brief Therapies: In Honor of John Weakland. Geist and Russell, 1999.

"Being Analog." in Arthur Berger, ed. The Postmodern Presence. Sage: 1998, 196-216.

"L. Edna Rogers and Relational Communication." In Nancy Signorelli, ed. Women in Communication. Greenwood, 1996, 328-339.

"Patterns of Interactional Paradoxes." (first author; with Sue Collins). In Brian Spitzberg and William Cupach, eds. The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication. Erlbaum, 1994, 83-103.

"Wounded Warriors and the Revisionist Myth." In Arthur Berger, ed. Media U U.S.A., 2nd edition. New York: Longman, 1990, 197-205.

"Up Against the Wall: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Paradox of Remembrance." Political Culture and Public Opinion. New Brunswick: Transaction, 1988, 133-147.

"An Interview with Heinz von Foerster." In Lynn Segal, The Dream of Reality. New York: Norton, 1988, 152-166.

“On Hugh Duncan’s Patented Hierachic Cathartic.” Introduction to the Transaction Edition of Hugh Dalziel Duncan's Communication and Social Order. New Brunswick: Transaction, 1985, 7-27.

Review of Jacques Ellul: Interpretive Essays. Edited by Clifford Christians and Jay Van Hook. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1981. In Journal of Communication, Fall 1982.

"Entrien avec Paul Watzlawick." In Yves Winkin, ed. La Nouvelle Communication. Paris: Editions du Seuil, 1981, 318-333.

Film and Video

In Honor of Gregory Bateson. Video. 28 minutes. Producer, editor. 2009, 2005. Multiple Versions of the World: Gregory Bateson at 100. 6-volume DVD set, 2005. Editor. Producer Nora Bateson.

New School Citings. Video. 8:00 minutes, 2004. Researcher, Editor.

Facing Fear: Images of the Enemy in Film. 52:00 minutes. Researcher, Editor.

Screened at "Fear: Its Political Uses and Abuses" conference. New School University. February, 2004.

Puttin' On The Dog. 16mm film. 9:45 minutes, 2002. Writer, Director, Editor. Selected for the permanent collection of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. (2016) Screened at The New School Film Show, Bar Harbor Film Festival, Woods Hole Film Festival, National Arts Club, International Dog Film Festival (2005) Distributed by Film-Makers Cooperative, New York.

Executive Producer of ten 1979-1981 videotapes, distributed by San Francisco State University Instructional Television Services.

Selected Related Activities

“Crossing the Street in Hanoi,” presentation to the Hanoi University of Business and Technology, March 2016.

“Perpetual War/Provisional Thoughts,” paper presented at the annual meeting of Veterans for Peace, San Diego, August 2015.

“Kent State Shooting Oral History Project: Carol Wilder,” Kent State University Special Archives, February 2015.

New York Fulbright Salon, December 2014, Book Talk
Book Talks (Crossing the Street in Hanoi) at twenty locations including New

New York San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, 2013-2014.
“The Vanished Art of Occupy New School,” exhibited as part of Offense and Dissent: Image: Conflict, Belonging, Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Kellen Gallery, Parsons School of Design, June - September 2014.

“Reading Beyond the Lines: Bateson and Burke Made Easy,’ paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association, Chicago, November 2014.

“Political Advertising 2012,” Panel and article “Political Advertisement1952-2012,” with Antoni Mutandas and Marshall Reese, The New School, January 2013.

"Vietnam Now," Presentation to the Institute for Retired Professionals, December 2012.

"Remembering Gregory Bateson," Video/Presentation at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cybernetics, Monterey, CA, July 2012.

"Who Runs America: Navigating the Political Landscape," Presentation at The New School, April 2011.

"Mapping Murder: Representations of May 4th" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association, New Orleans, LA, November 2011.

"The Future of Social Media." Presentation at Fatih University, Istanbul Turkey, March 2011.

"Social Media" feature on S-TV, Istanbul, Turkey, March 2011.
"Political Media and Mideast Coverage." Cablecast at Turkish Cultural Center,

New York, October 2010.
"A Conversation with Thomas M. Grace." Featured presentation, May 4th 40th

Anniversary, Kent, Ohio, May 2010.
“Asilomar at 30: Reflections on the Legacy of Gregory Bateson.” Presenter and panel chair at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association. Chicago, November 2009.

2007-2008 Multiple lectures on various aspects of Media Studies sponsored by the Fulbright Program and U.S. State Department at universities in Vietnam, including Hanoi National University, Hanoi Pedagogical University, Vung Tau University, Can Tho University, Nha Trang University, and Ho Chi Minh National University of Humanities and Social Sciences.

2002-2007, 2018 Producer, Dorothy H. Hirshon Film Festival with artists in residence D.A. Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus, John Waters, Peter Davis, Laurie Anderson, and John Cameron Mitchell

Selected Awards

National Communication Association Book of the Year for Rigor and Imagination, 1982

Media x Women Honor for Academy Award Archive Inductee, 2018

Kent State University Centennial Award for Alumni Excellence, 2018

Media Management Program Co-Founder Twenty Anniversary Honor, 2017

Extensive Community Work: veterans affairs, neighborhood boards, literacy, etc.

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