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“Probing for Meaning in the Media: Gaslighting, Data Overload, and Propaganda 2.0”

Public Seminar, October 2018.


“Film and the New School: Passionate Provocateurs” (with Peter Haratonik)

New School Histories, Spring 2019.


“Separated at Birth: Argument by Irony in Hearts and Minds and Fahrenheit 9/11”

Atlantic Journal of Communication. Summer 2005, 13, 56-72.


Scholarly Observations and Meditations: Perspectives on September 11, 2001 (with others).

New Jersey Journal of Communication. 10:1. Spring 2002, 2-16.


“Media Elision”

Immediacy, an online journal. 2001.


“Being Analog”

in Arthur Berger, ed. The Postmodern Presence. Sage: 1998, 196-216.


“Patterns of Interactional Paradoxes” (first author; with Sue Collins).

In Brian Spitzberg and William Cupach, eds. The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication. Erlbaum, 1994, 83-103


“The Rhetorical Roller Coaster to War: San Francisco Chronicle Headlines 8/2/1990-1/15/1991”

(first author; with Adam Colby). Magazine, SF State U College of Humanities. Fall 1992. 11:2, 110-120.


Wounded Warriors and the Revisionist Myth

In Arthur Berger, ed. Media U U.S.A., 2nd edition. New York: Longman, 1990, 197-205.


 “Up Against the Wall: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Paradox of Remembrance”

Political Culture and Public Opinion. New Brunswick: Transaction, 1988, 133-147.


“An Interview with Heinz von Foerster”

In Lynn Segal, The Dream of Reality. New York: Norton, 1988, 152-166.


“On Hugh Duncan’s Patented Hierachic Cathartic”

 Introduction to the Transaction Edition of Hugh Dalziel Duncan's Communication and Social Order. New Brunswick: Transaction, 1985, 7-27.


“The Palo Alto Group: Difficulties and Directions of the Interactional View for Human Communication Research” State of the Art Review, Human Communication Research.Winter 1979, 174-194.


From the Interactional View: A Conversation with Paul Watzlawick.”

Journal of Communication. Fall 1978, 35-45.


“A Conversation with Colin Cherry”

Human Communication Research. Summer 1977, 354-362.

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